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We are convinced that misfortune and poverty leading to lack of education leads to the loss of opportunities where individuals would have used their naturally-given skills for personal improvement and for the well-being of society in general. There is a lot of wasted talent in Africa, because the talented people are often denied the opportunity to fully utilize their capacities. The persecuted talented children are in a great need

An example is a skilled soccer player who is hungry or sick or has nowhere to sleep. He will lay aside the soccer and look for medication, food or shelter. But if there is someone to cater for the side of the food, medication and shelter, the soccer skill will come out in full for the benefit of the entire universe.

Your impact to the most valuable vulnerable across Africa:

An effort has been made to provide the best possible recreation at the moment, such as the Kids Run project and Singing/Dancing clubs here for the smaller children, much more needs to be done, especially with indoor games for the children who are less talented in the field sports. Games such as chess and table tennis would greatly benefit the children.

Who are you trying to help? What problem are we trying to address? We help talented young people to become stars in their field so that they can compete internationally. In this way, we as an organization try to tackle poverty among the youth of our community. We seek and train young people who appear to have the talent to move forward.

We have faced so many hardships to build their gifts from the almighty without you:

We have a few outdoor games, such as football with a large field, volleyball and badminton. Other than that, games such as tennis, ping-pong, baseball, cricket, football, etc. These games would help children find where their talents can shine best.
We also have no gym that would be of great benefit to these children. We know that we cannot have everything that we now dream of. But everything that pushes us in this direction is greatly appreciated in our ongoing efforts to give a loving, caring, devout family to many of these talented angels.

Will you partner with us to establish a Long-Term Impact for most Gifted Angels?

We raise children who are orphaned and unwanted, who would otherwise scream at this moment to survive in the dangerous streets of Kampala, there are others from broken families, or from homes that have been drastically affected by calamities due to domestic problems such as polygamy. We take them up with open loving arms, which give them a decent education and a house of love. The idea is to give them access to the best available settings until the Taasa Orphan Program is able to build some of our own. Up to now, we have had tremendous success in caring for and shaping the lives of many talented young people who now contribute to improving our society.
Our wish is that this wonderful work the Lord has started does not stop here, but continues everywhere in the world.

As it is our Mission to provide the most valuable vulnerable needs, just like their parents would, and allow their God-given talents to shine so the world can see and benefit from them.

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