I love Taasa Orphan Program!!! I love all that this charity is doing! My favorite part is getting to build relationships with my kiddos! I have two sponsor children. I have been sponsoring one of them for about a year and a half, and I loved her so much, that I started sponsoring another child. I have been sponsoring him for almost a year. Every time I get a letter from one of them, it fills me with so much joy! I am so glad I can help release them and their families from poverty!

Cameron O'Brian EmisonUSA

I love these kids with my whole heart! After 1 year with this program, I can not recommend it more. I have called the “office” many times and they answered all my questions. I have 3 sponsored kids from Uganda and get letters and pictures on a regular basis. These kids need lots of letters. I write them every week! Prayer is necessary everyday. The third thing is a small gift when you can. What you do to the least of Jesus’ kids you do for Jesus! These kids are the poorest of the poor! You can not help a better more reputable cause.

Chantal GilbertUSA

Wonderful child sponsorship organization, In 2018, my wife and I heard the Taasa Orphan Program radio drive; we immediately called and each sponsored a child. Fast forward 14 years, we currently sponsor 4 children. As Americans, we take for granted our financial blessings. I recall a letter from our child in Uganda who purchased a suitcase with extra money we sent. "What child needs a suitcase," I ignorantly thought. She continued, though, and said now she has a place for her clothes. Stunned, I sat there in silence. Thank you, so much Taasa Orphan Program!.

Amanda PawlickiUSA