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Life Saving Surgeries

What if I told you that — with a click or two — you can send a smile and share joy with girls and boys who have been facing some of the most difficult times of their lives?

By providing funds for surgery, you will give a family praying for a miracle the gift of hope. Your gift will cover travel for children needing hospitalization, as well as surgery, medication and rehabilitative care.

Even with health operations in India, the costs of surgery can be crippling. For children in TOP’s programs, surgery equals years of wages for already struggling families. For these children, Taasa provides funding for: - Travel to well-equipped hospitals, - Surgery, - Rehabilitative care, - Medication.


Meet another patient you can support

Name: Rahumu Namaganda
Age: 4 years
Country: Uganda
Condition: Hydrocephalus

$10,000 Need for Treatment

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Name: Joyce Achai
Age: 3 years
Country: South Sudan
Condition: Hydrocephalus

$12,500 Need for Treatment

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