How much does it cost to sponsor a child?

You commit yourself to pay a certain amount each month. Many bills have to be covered at the beginning of each term so we recommend quarterly payments. For children in Nursery and Primary schools, a monthly fee of USD 40 will cover day scholars' fees, school books, and food. Many children have to live at school for a variety of reasons. It costs Taasa Orphan Program USD 60 per month to give a child food, accommodation, and education. For children in secondary school and vocational colleges; the monthly fee is USD 70. If you wish to ask if the child you have chosen to sponsor is/ will be a day pupil or boarder, Contact Us.

What does the monthly payment cover?

Below School age:

  • Food
  • Shelter
  • Clothing
  • Medical help if needed
  • Nursery (from 3 years)

School going-age:

  • Food
  • Accommodation
  • School fees
  • Books
  • Medical help if needed
How do I pay?

You pay in one of the following ways:

By credit card online (VISA or MasterCard).
You can choose between monthly, quarterly or annual payments.
By making an international money transfer to:
Swift Address: SBICUGKX
Branch Code: 031015
IBAN Number:
For how long do I commit myself to be a Sponsor?

You commit yourself for an indefinite period of time, and we hope that you will help your sponsored child until he or she has finished their education, at least primary school. Also, we would like to encourage you to continue supporting "your" child through secondary school, high school and possibly university.

Your sponsorship is of course voluntary. So if you for any reason want to stop your support, you can login as a sponsor or Account to our web class="text-justify" site and stop the sponsorship by clicking the link "Account Management". We appreciate feedback before or after sponsorships are stopped.

Which feedback shall I receive about my Sponsored child throughout the year?
  • School reports. (One)
  • Letter from child. (One)
  • Family news updates.
  • Taasa Orphan Program newsletters (Three) at the end of each Academic Term.
  • In case you send your child a gift, you will receive photographs of your child with the gift and a thank you letter.
How will feedback about my Sponsored Child be sent to me?

Feedback about your sponsor child will be uploaded for viewings on your personal Sponsor secure Account. You will be given a sponsor ID & password to login to your personal sponsor Account when you sponsor a child. Login

Will I be notified when feedback is uploaded on my Sponsor account?

Yes, you will receive a notification email when new information is uploaded on your sponsor account.

Why do you need my Email and Phone number?

When we send notification emails regarding the sponsor child, payments etc., it happens we get emails in return, or emails are transferred to sponsor's spam folder. In case a sponsor changes the email address or is not receiving our notification emails other ways, we will try to contact sponsor by phone. Taasa Orphan Program's administration will never contact you unnecessarily. Please provide updated email address and phone number on your sponsor profile account.

Are my personal details secured?

Yes. We are not giving away any of your information to any third party. Please be careful not showing/sharing your login info to others. Taasa Orphan Program is not saving any of your card details, but is using a payment service provider for maximum security for all payments.

How long will it take before I receive a reply to my letters directed to my sponsored Child?

It will take approximately 4-6 weeks; depending on the time of year the letter is send.

If I am currently a Sponsor, how can I contact the Administration?

You can send and receive messages using your Letter Writing form located in your customer menu.

Can I send my sponsored child a Xmas or Birthday gift?

Yes. Postage to Uganda can take several weeks. Contact administration with questions about useful items to buy, more details, or restrictions. Write your sponsor child’s name and ID number on the parcel. If the parcel has a value over 50 US dollars, you will be asked to pay customs duties on it. When your child receives his/her gift photos will be taken and your child/family will write a thank you letter, these will be uploaded on your sponsor Account. Send your sponsored child a Gift

Postal Address: Taasa Orphan Program
P.O.Box 36959 Kampala, UGANDA
Phone Number: +256 773 539671
Can I sponsor more than one child?

Yes. You can sponsor as many as you wish.

What happens if my sponsored child gets sick?

A doctor will be contacted in the local area and your child will get treatment and medicine.

What is the minimum amount I can give as a donation to a project?

We are happy for any contribution you would like to make. You can give a general charity donation of any amount of $10 dollars or more. Thank you very much for helping children in All Over Africa to get a good education and a better life!

Do you have any questions? Get in Touch.

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When children find out that they are sponsored, the joy they feel is indescribable. Knowing that someone around the world cares about someone means more than you can imagine.