“When we go to collect water, we can see worms in it, it looks dirty… I would like to have clean water so I don’t get sick.” – Kevin, 10-year.


In many places, drinking a drink of water can be extremely dangerous, even deadly. Unfortunately, many people in developing countries have no choice but to get their water from polluted streams or ponds - contamination that causes countless children to die unnecessarily from diarrhoea and typhoid fever. Thanks to your support, the Taasa Orphan’s Program WASH (water, hygiene and sanitation) programs are helping to change that.

People of Nansana in Uganda, lack of clean water are a crippling burden for Children like Michael and everyone in his community. To get water, Michael has to walk for an hour bear fêted and plastic jugs only to find it muddy and contaminated. But it’s all he’s got. 10-year-old Michael and her sister know the pain and sickness that comes from contaminated water. When they’re not in school, they help care for their grandmother. In order to get water, they frequently pack plastic jugs and containers onto a bike and make the difficult journey to the spring.

The Community Bore Hole

“Since I was little, I used buckets to carry water around,” Kevin recalls. “We have gotten sick because of the water. It’s muddy, but it’s all we have. It can take up to an hour to carry water home. When we are thirsty we drink from the water spring; there’s no time to boil.”

Will you Join us ?

This very Day, will you partner with the Taasa Orphan Program to give these precious girls and boys and their community the priceless give of clean water?
Together we can build a brand new water system consisting of a gravity-fed system using collection chambers, piping, and water taps for each family in the community. This will ensure that there’s enough clean water for drinking, cooking, and washing! We’ll also provide Kevin and Michael with bathrooms to help improve sanitation.

For just $15,000 we can make this dream a reality, will you join us?

I am not Jesus

Though they face many challenges in most Remote Areas of Uganda, YOU can change Kevin and Michael’s lives this Day, and the lives of everyone else in the village. You can make sure they Kevin and Michael will no longer suffer the pain and sickness from drinking filthy water.
" I am glad I have been led by Jesus to donate this borehole that will save many lives, but I am not Jesus as the community calls me. When I funded this borehole project, they considered it a miracle ... "


The water often causes sickness for Michael and the other residents of his community. “You know we don’t have water,” Michael says through tears. “Please make a miracle in my community. We are suffering!”
The cost for one bore hole in Uganda normally ranges between ($5800 – $6800) which is dependent on the contractor's reserve -price as well as the number of bore holes to be drilled, but the benefits and opportunities for supporting the community growth with such a bore hole are far greater than the cost itself.

Feed hungry children,Provide shelter to those without

Here are just some of the clean water solutions that you make possible when you partner with TOP as your clean water charity.

Thanks to YOU; children, the elderly, and so many others are protected from water-borne illness-even death-every year. This is possible because of the compassionate and thoughtful clean water solutions you provide through The Taasa Orphan Program to help solve the world’s water crisis.

Every community and every need is different. That’s why The Taasa Orphan Program WASH programs (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene) improve access to and the quality and reliability of clean water, and also improve hygiene and sanitation behaviours in communities around Africa. With your help, we make sure to offer life-changing and long-lasting clean water projects tailored to the specific needs of people they support. In fiscal year 2019 alone, your support has provided over hundred gallons of clean drinking water and distributed more than 5,000 water filters.

Water-borne illnesses like typhoid cause many easily preventable deaths every year, especially among children. But you are saving lives and bringing lasting change through your partnership with The Taasa Orphan Program to counter water shortages.

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