About Uganda.

Uganda is known as the “pearl of Africa” for its remarkable beauty. It also has a high rate of poverty and one of the youngest and fastest-growing populations in the world. Taasa Orphan Program assisted Children experience these realities daily. But you are making sure, there is hope.

It is impolite to simply say, “Hi.” When greeting a Ugandan, it is customary to ask, “How are you?” Ugandans refer to foreigners as “mzungu.” Although you do have to watch for cars, the primary form of transportation for Ugandans is bicycles. Matooke is a staple food in Uganda. It is made with unripened bananas that have been mashed. Malaria-carrying mosquitoes can be found in Uganda. They are typically active from midnight to 5 a.m.

A Pearl is rare, Uganda is one of a kind Country, and there are no others like it in all of Africa. A country that has been gifted by Nature, making it one of the World's most bio diverse nations in the World